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My dreams are full of apocalypses
My dreams are full of the violence of the body
Soldiers marching over the hill
I reach for the weapons I am carrying inside me

& I have been fighting for a long time
Deep water, decline
I take my pills, I try to treat myself kind
None of us is fine, fine

My friend she went to college
Where you have to watch your sleep
You say you got assaulted
They put you on medical leave

Come back when PTSD
Doesn't make it hard to think
Yeah come back when you're ready
To have another drink

They're more afraid of crazy
Than they are afraid of strong
Crazy says You don't own the truth
& this is wrong

In the army we drug soldiers
Stand guard against their memory
No one wants a broken brain
No one wants a broken family

No one wants a broken home
No one wants a broken country
No one wants a broken heart
No one wants a broken history

My dreams are full of electrical disasters
Haunted houses, doctors & locked doors
& I have dangerous information
I am smuggling my friends across the river from the war

& we are trying not to drown
Emotion & empire, chemistry & crown
We gotta get together, go underground
Pick ourselves up & take this down

There is no private hurt
There is no private hell
There is no private ward
There is no private well

I'm not saying I'm not unbalanced
I'm not saying I don't need care
But everything's unbalanced
I won't adjust to what's not fair

There's war above the counter
& it's hard to fight it blind
It's a miracle there's not a war
In everybody's mind

Oh write me a letter
Say what Adrienne said
Say I honor your truth
& I refuse to leave it at that

I honor your danger
I honor the tide
I honor the water
From the well we've been inside


from Dispatches From the Well, released October 3, 2012



all rights reserved


Fiona Chamness Ann Arbor, Michigan

Fiona Chamness is a poet and songwriter from Ann Arbor, MI. She is coauthor, with Aimée Lê, of Feral Citizens, published in 2011 by Red Beard Press. She belongs to the poetry ensemble Ann Arbor Wordworks and two bands, Helicopter Parents and The Cutting Room Floor. She has performed poetry and music in Ann Arbor, Chicago, Oberlin, Hanover, Boston, St. Louis, Berkeley, and Sevilla, Spain. ... more

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